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Move to USA – Renewing the Visa

I have an L1A Visa and it is valid for 7 years (3+2+2). 3 years have passed and it is time for me and my wife, that has an L2 Visa, to renew it. Many things went wrong with the renewal. The immigration lawyer firm that handled my case did a lot of mistakes but … Continue reading

Move to USA – Settling in

  Hi, I am here to talk to you about what you need to do after you arrive to the US to settle in. The housing, Social security, Taxes, driving licence, authorization for your wife to work, opening a bank account and your first cell phone. When i started a new position in the US, … Continue reading

Move to USA – Travelling arrangements

Well, time to pack and prepare the trip “over the lake” like i heard so many times in the UK. So what do i had to prepare and take? I will talk this in sections: 1 – Clothes and stuff – All my clothes were packed and shipped by AMJ Campbell International, this group subcontracts … Continue reading

Move to USA – Getting the Visa

Well, i am going to start writing my experience in how i got here in the USA. First of all i tried to enter US  for many years and get a Visa. The first advise i wish to give is never give up. If that is what you want continue forward. You can have a … Continue reading

Moved again and this time to the USA

Well, i did not write on this space for a long time and i am sorry, since my life has been a roller coaster i was not able to. It happened again, i moved again. From Portugal to Netherlands, then UK and now USA. In the next few days i will write a big post about … Continue reading

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