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Good afternoon,

Today I decided to talk about medicine here in Holland.

Medicine around here works a little differently than in Portugal. As I stated in a previous post here there is a requirement of having a health insurance that starts at 70 euros a month and can go up to 200, depending on much of what you want.

First it is necessary to choose a doctor of general medicine in our area post, it takes our insurance information and go. This physician will receive an amount of our insurance every month even though we’re not going to any consultation, use and abuse so that the insurance pays.

To go to a specialty physician cardiovascular genecologista, orthopedics first we have to always go to the general practitioner to assess whether it is necessary and reencamina to another doctor. We can not just go in Portugal as the yellow pages and go directly to the specialist. Here is a very comprehensive general medicine, is a specialty that they take after taking the course.

Any medication you need to ask your doctor who forwards it to the pharmacy and just get up, to get another prescription for the same drug just connect, it is not necessary to go again, and then go to the pharmacy.

When you call the number the doctor gives the same three options, the first one gives directly to the emergency room, the second is to ask for recipes again and the third is to speak with the physician assistant. If you call during the morning you can get an appointment for omesmo day.

There are other things a bit more complicated. The example I have is my partner because I have not been to the doctor, she needed to do a routine gynecological made ​​in Portugal every year to prevent the fatal colon cancer and breast cancer, so here are a standard 5 in 5 years from 30 years of age, but if we also can do annually but have to say. Tb needed for a half of rest in Portugal to buy in any pharmacy that does not exist here. Had to go to a place where as they do.

I have a friend in Denmark and he says that there is equal, the country may be better than Portugal but not in medicine. As my friend says that they are a Vikings here, there is no preventive medicine in Portugal and have to have something seriously until ires to a specialist or prescribe you some tea, figuratively speaking of course.

For the dentist I can speak personally. The price lists are the same for all dentists and can be found on this site, more specifically here This site can also make simulations of insurance.

First you need to find a dentist and to register, some are full and do not accept more patients. Do this in advance because they wait until they’re a pain in the tooth thing can go wrong, because only going to a query of urgency where you can maybe anyone connects to a number and indicate where to go. Another thing when you have a doctor dentist not expect him to do something in the first consultation, the first is just for a check up they say, I say it is for us to suck the money where we have just come and take a general radiography and then mark another query to resolve the problem of caries for example. If you have a party and within the first query is, they treat you right, but then mark another query to do this check-up. : P

No need to carry cash with you, the account is then sent home, either directly or through the medical insurer.

The prices are identical to Portugal but they are few papayas, says my friend here in the office, he is walking to the car to pay the dentist.

Overall I can say is that in Portugal the quality of services are much higher than here, but everything is a matter of getting on the wheel, which is then always the same.

Until the next post.


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