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Netherlands – The good and bad

Emotional intelligence in the workplace

Good evening,

I’m the one year in Holland and is a country with opportunities to work but in my opinion, not to stay here forever. It is a place to work one or two years and return to see other options especially for those who came to Holland for a N0-Nordic country.

So this blog will give my opinion here which is good and bad:


– The work environment and career opportunities;

– Organization;

– Comfort of dwellings;

– Financial aid to pay the house rent and health insurance;

– Very local greens, beautiful landscapes;

– You can go everywhere by bike and good public transport but expensive;

– Good wages;

– Good schools;

– There are no tolls on the road or crazy;

– There are no animals left to beg in the streets;

– You are good vegetarian food;

– Habit dinner from 18.30. By chance I have been critical but knows you get home and dinner. It seems that the day has more hours.

-We are in the middle of Europe.


– Excess of tax;

– All you pay for car parking is rare not to have to pay to go to the beach;

Service – very weak compared with Portugal, it is sometimes tricky to know something, because the services themselves do not know. Lack expertise of employees are incompetent mainly in client service and do not care;

– Dutch Culture, you can be here years without making friends. There is no normal thing to include people, present them to friends, forget it, may even be your friends but do not take with you when leaving friends Dutch and vice versa.

– Food. What they eat no good, very basic fried. Missing a lot here that was used in Portugal, especially the variety of fish here when it is expensive.

– Lack of employment opportunities for those who do not know Dutch and / or are female. They are very maxistas, women often work part-time and low functions. Less than 10% of women work full-time (in this case because they want to work more). Find this article(Going Dutch e Eurofound)

– The sympathy of the Dutch, as I said a psychologist friend of mine, cold inside and hot outside, but use very much correct sinismo;

– Routine, the Dutch live very routine and do everything to be a routine, use the schedule up to schedule free time they have. If you slam the door of a neighbor without marking are very angry and not invite us to enter;

– Too many rules, sometimes a person feels claustrophobic.

– Everything revolves around money and how to save more;

– Bureaucracy. They have red tape and paperwork for all, all the same;

– Lack of sun and sea at the door as he had in Porto.

Right now I’m not remember anything,

until the next post,

Thank you.



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