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Queen´s Day

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Good afternoon

more than one queen’s day here in Holland, this time we decided to go to Den Haag have with some friends and get to eat some Portuguese sardines in the shop “A pipa”.

This store is a marketplace where you can buy everything that is Portuguese and has not ate grilled sardines so long ago. You can see the store link here or on facebook.

We decided to go by train car is complicated because these festivities, there is never where to park. The price of the trains here are high, we paid about € 70 for two round trip tickets. The distance will be more or less identical to those going from Porto to Coimbra. There are cheaper methods to travel by train but for those who do it more often, as pass or an annual coupon which costs € 70 and with this ticket has a 40% discount on all tickets for this year.

In Apeldoorn station was set a stage for another day of celebration with DJs. Here the concerts start at around 12h00 and 22h obligatorily end because of the noise.

On the train sat in the first section in a very noisy with lots of people talking loudly and honestly rather have a peaceful trip. We went to another section and everything was very quiet, no one said anything, then noticed that there are sections where it is mandatory to be in silence, as some libraries. It was a very pleasant trip, quiet and enjoy the scenery.

Here are some pictures of Den haag and also some links to information of this city, where the parliament and the court of human rights:

Who wants to see pictures of the Queen and Co. just go to this site.

For more information about the city Den Haag bast go to this site or wikipedia.

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