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Scooters and bicycles thefts

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Where i leave in Apeldoorn, Netherlands, there is not that much violent crime, for what i can see. And for what i hear is like that in all Netherlands, but there is a crime that is increasing, the theft of scooters and bicycles.

This is a photo of an Scooter that was putted on fire after it was stolen an day before. My own bicycle was stolen down town from a few seconds after going to the bank. In Apeldoorn i can use a normal wheel locker but in Amsterdam for example you have to have a big chain and a strong key locker.

In my way to work i often see bicycles abandoned against a post or tree, sometimes with smal damages, some times all broken. This could not be a big problem if you think in a 50-100 euros bike, but in here many bicycles cost over 300 euros.

When my bicycles was stolen i went to the police, who asked me the description and said that they should visualize the cameras from the bank and then they would give me some feedback till today. Months after no answer. Here the idea that i have is that the police is only good to give tickets. Try going to an Dutch police station. It seams that the policeman that work there has chosen that profession for passing the time, not for solving anything.

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