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Get 30% salary raise

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If you are an expat working in Netherlands you can apply to get a tax reduction of 30%, that means you get a 30% raise on your salary.

If you are working in the Netherlands, you may incur additional costs, the so-called extraterritorial costs . Your employer may select a free (unloaded) reimbursement for the extraterritorial expenses you incur.Also, your employer will not charge 30% of your salary, including compensation, tax provision. This arrangement is known as the 30% rule. Therefore it is not necessary to prove any expenses.

The extraterritorial costs are:

  • additional living costs because the price in the Netherlands is higher than in the country where you come from
    , you can consider additional expenditures for meals, gas, water and light.
  • costs for a familiarization trip to the Netherlands, possibly with your family, for example to search for a house or a school
  • costs for obtaining or converting official personal documents such as residence permits, visas and driving licenses
  • costs for medical examinations and vaccinations for the stay in the Netherlands
  • double occupancy when you continue to live in the country where you are coming
    These include hotel costs.
  • additional (first) housing
    you getting from your employer for free housing? Then, an amount for which housing taxed as wages. Fees for furniture are not covered by this scheme.
  • storage costs for the portion of the estate that you do not move to the Netherlands
  • travel costs to the country you come from, for example, for family visits or reunification
  • additional costs to complete the tax return if expensive than they fill in the declaration by a similar tax adviser in the country where you come from. This means that a maximum of € 1,000.
  • course fees to the Dutch language to learn for you and the family members who reside with you
  • additional (non-business) call charges for calls to the country you came from
  • the cost of an exemption request social security, such as an A1 or E101 statement

It is not for everyone and these are the conditions:

  • You have an employment.
  • You have specific expertise that can hardly be found on the Dutch labor market. You have specific expertise as your salary in the Netherlands at least € 35,000, exclusive of the free allowance.
    Did you have a master’s degree and you are younger than 30 years?Then your salary in the Netherlands at least € 26.605, net of free allowance.
    If you work in the context of doing research? Then you do not need to have a minimum salary.
  • You live abroad in an area within 150 km from the Dutch border.Whether you have there in more than two thirds of the period of 24 months prior to employment in the Netherlands lived.
  • We have issued an order to show you the 30% rule is allowed to use.

Just try it, i did and i get it, the form to fill is here FORM.

Use Google chrome browser to translate de pages because they are in Dutch.

Download it, fill with the andy. If you need any help let me know i can try to help.



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  1. Some useful information about wages in the Netherlands:

    Posted by eurogates | October 12, 2012, 21:06

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