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Last post from the Nertherlands

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Hi again,

this will be my last post from the Netherlands, i will leave tomorrow morning going to Portugal to visit friends and family, taking care of paperwork and just rest.

I still need to find a place to live in UK, it is not easy when you have pets but it was also when i was looking for a house here in the Netherlands.

Never give up your dreams, go forward, stand up when others make you fall, life is hard but never stop from doing what you want because of obstacles. Moving is hard but it will be the best thing you ever did.

I will start writing in September again from UK and i will put my experiences here and what should you do to move there as smooth as possible.

I wish everyone a good August, see you back in September.



2 thoughts on “Last post from the Nertherlands

  1. Ola Sergio

    Desejo que tenhas umas otimas férias na companhia dos teus amigos e familiares.
    Só queria perguntar se já tens algo em vista na UK, ou vais ao calha??
    Para onde vais? Tudo isto porque pretendo tambem ir mas preciso ajuda, pois as finanças já estão bem magras.

    Mas depois falamos. Tudo de bom

    Posted by Manuela | July 30, 2013, 18:37
    • Boa tarde,

      antes de ir para Inglaterra procurei por emprego lá durante 6 meses. É arriscado ir de maos a abanar . O melhor é responder a montes de anuncios , chegava a responder a 5-10 por dia.

      O local com mais emprego será em Londres ou perto de Londres.

      Boa sorte


      Posted by Sérgio (Admin) | August 10, 2013, 21:16

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