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Sunday 14th is the first official warm day of the year

Finally some warm weather. Tomorrow it will be 20 degrees and the maximum till now was 10 degrees. A few weeks ago was snowing. This was the longer winter known in the Netherlands and finally i can put my sweater to side and use my shirts and go to the country with my family. Usually is … Continue reading

More taxes in 2013

Yes it is true, also here in the Netherlands the taxes have raised and some benefits cut off. I already knew this was going to happend but i only went to look for the changes when this January i received less €37 euros in my salary. People from outside the Netherlands think that here the … Continue reading

Fireworks terrorists

Fireworks? What about fireworks? This was the first Christmas i stayed in the Netherlands and i thought i was in a war zone for about 4 weeks. In my home country we all gather near the river to see the beautiful fireworks at mid night. In here everyone has fireworks and has used it since 20 of … Continue reading

New Year´s traditions

In the Netherlands, the tradition of holding feasts and lighting special fires in the darkest part of the winter goes back many thousands of years. These are reflected in the festive and luxury meals served at this time of year and the fireworks and bonfires lit on the evening of December 31 and early hours … Continue reading

Merry Christmas to all

Merry Christmas to all, pass this special date with those that really matter , can be friends , pets , family or just by yourself. Remember, what is importante in this date is that you pass it with the ones you love and loves you back. And if you can change something this year, help … Continue reading

Snow has arrived to the Netherlands

Snow as arrived last friday living everything white. I went to work that morning in my bike and it was a great experience. Snow everywhere, the cold and wind was not making  the journey easier but the experience was really amazing . I arrived after 1 hour to wok like a snow man. Here are some pictures from the … Continue reading

Food and drink relatively little increased in price

Eating and drinking during the past 10 years much less increased in price than other items. Foods were 9 percent more expensive, while inflation in this period more than 18 percent. This is evident from an analysis of ING Economics Department, on Thursday published. A household gives monthly average of 300 euros on food, says … Continue reading

Amsterdam creates jobs for immigrant women

AMSTERDAM – Amsterdam Employers have more than five hundred jobs for immigrant women. This allowed Councillor F.Huffnagel of Economic Affairs Know Wednesday during a visit by the committee PaVEM (Participation of Women from Ethnic Minorities) to the city. Among the participating employers include the city itself, the Royal Army, Lloyd Hotel, McDonald’s, Randstad and TPG Post. … Continue reading

Energy Tariffs next year, down slightly

Energy is cheaper next year. As of January 1, 2013 Decrease Eneco, Essent and Nuon their rates. This can be done by a worldwide decline in the purchase of natural gas, the three major energy companies reported Thursday. A household with a floating rate and an average consumption annually pays about 80 euro less for the … Continue reading

International job fair 2012

International Fairs for International People Bilingual People organises Europe’s largest and most exciting Career Fair dedicated to Bilingual and Multilingual Professionals.  In 2012 we have more events then ever before with 10 events confirmed across Europe. Go to this page and visit the closest fair to you. Maybe you can find your future here. Sérgio


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