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Grocery cost in UK

On the following days i will write several posts mentioning the cost of several services, like restaurants, shows, renting houses, car insurance etc.on this particulary post i will show the prices of groceries. I have bought in several supermarkets and the most known are “ASDA“, “TESCO“, “CO-OPERATIVE“, “SAINSBURY” AND “WAITROSE“. I usually don´t like very much … Continue reading

Get access to public Doctor (GP)

In Uk health is public contrary what happens in the Netherlands where i was for 2,5 years, that is private and is mandatory to have a health insurance. The public health in UK is called NHS – National Health Service. One of the things you should take care when you arrive at the UK is … Continue reading

After 5 month in UK

Good afternoon, I have been out for many months for personal reasons. I am sorry for my absence. Now that i am back i will make posts regularly. In the last post i have changed cars. I decided to buy a used mini and till now i went to the car service 2 times, one … Continue reading

Register you foreigner car in UK

Hello all finally i arrive at the end of the process of inserting my car in UK. You can use you car in UK for 6 months ( , i try to change it sooner because i did not wanted to pay for the very high Dutch taxes. So if you have and European left hand … Continue reading

Benefits, tv licence, rent garage, problematic neighbors, help to buy house scheme

Today i am just going to talk about some things that i found out in my first month here. 1) Benefits You may be entitled to receive help from the government  like child support, job allowance etc. You can go to this website to see the kind of benefits there  are and you can make a … Continue reading

Finally we enter the UK

I have arrived on September 3th to UK. I am living at this moment in a town called Hemel Hempstead. It was not a easy ride getting here and settle but finally i think know i have taken care of everything. First thing first. 1) The House: It was very difficult for me to get … Continue reading

Last post from the Nertherlands

Hi again, this will be my last post from the Netherlands, i will leave tomorrow morning going to Portugal to visit friends and family, taking care of paperwork and just rest. I still need to find a place to live in UK, it is not easy when you have pets but it was also when … Continue reading

Prepare your leave from The Netherlands

In 3 weeks i will leave the Netherlands, i will go in a vacation and in September i will start a new life in UK. I was always a very calm, even lazy person but in this time of the economy we cannot be still and we need to pack and find work where it … Continue reading

30 days to leave Netherlands and go to the UK

My stay here in the Netherlands has come to an end. I decided to leave the Netherlands and go to the UK. I cannot say it was really a pleasure to be this 2 years in the Netherlands but that depends on what you are looking for and where did you come from. This is … Continue reading

Taxes or just theft

Here in the Netherlands, at least for me , the taxes start coming on the beginning of the year. I had so many taxes to pay that i will only finish paying then this month. One thing they do here, they let you pay in 3 times and give you ate least 1 month time … Continue reading


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