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Prices, paperwork and early days in Holland

Good evening

as had blogged earlier today I speak of things to deal with when it comes to the Netherlands, some sites that can help.

Three things are essential when it comes here, a number of Dutch mobile phone, internet, a bank Dutch.

Three things are required to have health insurance, to enroll in the chamber where the city is to live and after 15/30 days to put on the car registration Dutch import.

I speak of these things to share.

1) REGISTRATION IN City hall:  Vaassen and Epe

You must enroll in the city or chamber where they inhabit, but you do that you have to permanently move to a house / room or house that is not on vacation. The holiday homes are cheaper to rent but can only live in the same six months or pay a fine of between € 5000 to € 50000. This registration is necessary so that we can get the social security number and thus receive the salary and open a bank account.

They need to have an identity, the contract of hire and birth certificate, international version. The latter is possible to apply online, is for about € 20.

We are currently in a vacation home and we have until October to find something else, but it is not easy for anyone who has three dogs, they love animals but do not like to have other animals in their homes, but it can be.


We chose to open a bank account in the Netherlands increased, which is Rabobank, but, as one friend of mine here in Holland is the Ass bank, said that because it means Rabo Ass in Portuguese.

Open the account is fairly simple, you only need the ID number and social security.

This is the link from our bank  Rabobank

You pay a small fee of 3 in 3 months but I do not remember the value for sure but I think it is € 5.


There are several mobile phone networks in the Netherlands in two forms, or pre-payment (shipments) or monthly.


Usually the pre-paid calls are more expensive by the minute, but my companion decided to join the NL ORTEL allows calls to € 0.12 min for the fixed network to Portugal and € 0.19 min for mobile network in Portugal. To make loads of prepaid forget the ATM or online bank, has to be a gas station or supermarket where the network and the amount indicated, give us a code and we make a call and indicating the code is loaded.


I opted to get better prices for tuition. Here does not work in Portugal, where it is cheaper to call from Vodafone vodafone than TMN Vodafone for example here 175min paid € 15 per call and 350 SMS to any network, mobile or fixed, and so for all networks only differ in price, number of minutes and length of contract (monthly / six months / year).
Hi I opted to contract for six months. I tried to apply for a card online but I needed the passport number, as I had the easiest is to go to a store and buy the card, you only need BI and address.

These are some of the mobile networks in the Netherlands:

* KPN –
* Vodafone –
* Telfort –
* Orange –
* T-Mobile –


There as in Portugal, two options, mobile or stationary. Prices are identical to those of Portugal. We had to opt for mobile connection, although more expensive, the vodafone € 30/month for a year with a maximum of 2GB and modem offer. Here if we pass the 2GB acirdados not pay more for it, only in limited network bandwidth and the net is very slow, but always you can see a few emails. We had no choice because we have no fixed network where we are and is a temporary location.

If you have fixed, there are packages of TV + Internet + Phone for € 40/month.


Having health insurance is mandatory in the Netherlands. It is usually between € 70 to € 170 per month, I chose one which is € 92 per month (Delta lloyd), this course depends on each one.

To more easily find the insurance that best suits just go to this LINK and perform a simulation, then make the request and wait for the insurance papers. When you arrive just fill out and wait about 15 days to see if they are approved. Get ready to register it in the chamber on March 7 and ask the insurance Open, will pay the claim since it arrived here and a month after, or will soon pay for the month of March, April and May.


The rental of a dwelling here on the sides of Apeldoorn is between € 350/mes by a quarter to € 900 per apartment / house, depends on the site, number of bedrooms etc..

You may want to rent a room in which the income is less than € 652.52 months in order to have a right to help in any income of around € 300. Go to this Link and make a simulation.

The cost for two people in a house with two to three in the fourth light, water and gas is € 200 per month, depending on a little of each but not much of it escapes.

Try at all costs to rent directly with the owner. Through an agency who has to pay lease one month early, one month will be deducted if there is damage to the home but returned, and another month vat for the agency are only three months at once.

7) CAR

Think if you really want to bring the car or not, legalize it can even be free if the car has more than 6 months, then pay about 50/100 euros for months road tax, depending on the weight of the car and fuel and about € 90/100 month car insurance. So have here car is expensive but there are things that make up and they are even cheaper than in Portugal, but that is for the next post.


– Shopping mall with huge hypermarket, no;
– Gasoline pumps or services open at dawn, there;
– Pharmacies open to qq hours, no;
– Cod, buttery cheese, port wine;
– Wide variety of fish, no;
– Restaurants and fast food;
– Beach and the sea;

SITES OF AID: (help for new netherlands) (site lease) (employment for those who do not know Dutch)

In the next post I will talk about the cost of living here in the things of everyday life, the good and bad thing, the personality of the Dutch among other things.
Thank you. Any questions are provided.



4 thoughts on “Prices, paperwork and early days in Holland

  1. Boa tarde,
    Também eu pretendo ir trabalhar para a Holanda. Estou bastante familiarizada com o País, pois já vivi lá durante a minha infância. O meu pai sempre trabalhou lá, por mais de 30 anos. Estou desempregada à quatro anos, e não vejo saída. O meu unico receio são as agências que colocam os trabalhadores num país, sendo depois escravizados. Como vi na rtp a reportagem sobre as fábricas, não me importava nada de ir. Só não sei como fazer. Se puderem ajudar, agradeço.

    Posted by Manuela Cardoso | October 7, 2011, 14:46
    • Boa tarde,

      coloquei no blog links para sites de emprego, eu próprio arranjei emprego pesquisando no Eures. Mandei centenas de currículos num mês, para toda a Europa e por acaso calhei aqui. Por agências de emprego é duvidoso, faça-o directamente através dos site. Conte que pode ter de se deslocar para um entrevista ao País, mas geralmente se chamam para a entrevista é porque estão bastante interessados.

      Se encontrar algum site mais concreto aviso.



      Posted by sergiodanielcunha | October 7, 2011, 15:24
  2. Olá Sérgio,
    Estou a viver na Holanda desde de Março. Vim para cá para me juntar com o meu namorado (holandês de gema). Deixei o meu trabalho, familia, amigos e arrisquei. E não me arrependo nem 1 segundo do meu passo gigante. É um pais muito diferente, e eu costume dizer que os holandeses têm uma falsa abertura, ou seja, são muito liberais para muitas coisas, mas são frios, dificeis de conquistar e a maioria, muito calculistas. Mas é mais uma coisa a que temos de dar tempo. Depois de conquistados, são verdadeiros amigos.
    Como não consigo estar parada, comecei por ir trabalhar para uma estufa, nas linhas de embalamento. E, não é assim tão mau como julgam… é muito dificil, para mim, começar a trabalhar ainda o sol dorme, mas foi muito bom para a minha iniciação na lingua e conhecer pessoas de toda a Europa, pois nestes locais a maioria dos trabalhadores são de fora. Agora já estou numa empresa no departamento de logistica.
    Como vim ter com o meu holandês, muitas coisas foram facilitadas, como o caso da casa, seguros, contas, etc. Entretanto comprámos casa, o que fica muito mais barato que alugar… tenho cá o meu carro, e como é um 1000 de cilindrada, não paguei quase nada para o legalizar (se bem que agora está a venda).
    A minha maior dificuldade é mesmo a lingua, e para encontrar trabalho na minha área (design), nesta zona (Leeuwarden), temos mesmo de saber falar. 😦 Mas eu sei que vou conseguir!!!
    Fico contente por encontrar Portugueses felizs por cá. 🙂
    Também tenho um blog onde conto todas as experiências
    Espero puder ajudar em qualquer duvida que tenhas,

    Posted by Patricia | January 5, 2012, 15:50

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