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Vaassen, Deventer, Amsterdam and Apeldoorn

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Good afternoon,

nest post I will post some photos and experiences in these cities.


Vaassen is a small town between Epe and Apeldoorn is very quiet, with small local markets and services, with many identical houses and a lot of forest with wild animals, wild boars, deer and rabbits, was at least the ones I saw. The following photos were taken in Vaassen:


Deventer is located east of Vaassen, about 30 km away. It is a larger town and busy with many services, shops, fairs and the same river to bathe. We found a cellar with wines from Portugal and a Friday-only fabrics:


Amsterdam is very busy, multi racial, hears from English to German. Go visit the city by car is very expensive, mainly because of parking, you pay at least € 5 per hour and do not play here, unpaid parking meter catches a pretty hefty fine. The day we were there there was a fair with some amusement in the middle of the park.


Apeldoorn is south of Vaassen, at about 10km away. It is busy at the same time calm. Tomorrow we will move there and we thought it was the best option. There is a market every Saturday, like the fairs in Portugal where you can buy everything from clothes to food pros dogs, fresh vegetables and fruit, not those who do not know anything of the hypermarkets. There is also a commercial center and very busy streets such as Santa-Catarina. We find a bar with people 🙂 and Latino music. To no longer have any photos of this location, but soon.


2 thoughts on “Vaassen, Deventer, Amsterdam and Apeldoorn

  1. >Muito bom o blog! Parabéns! Quinta do Vallado na Holanda? Ainda bem que isso se está a exportar! 🙂

    Posted by LGG | April 30, 2011, 17:45
  2. >Pois é, e aqui são carissimos. Pedi inclusivé a minha mãe que me enviasse duas garrafas de vinho do Porto. Se calhar ainda mando vir algumas e as vendo por aqui :).

    Posted by Sérgio | May 2, 2011, 08:01

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