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Queens Day, more taxes, garbage collection and public transports

Good morning,

Today I will speak nothing concrete but little things that I found and met.

Friday was the day that passed the Queen, all of us puts the flag of the Netherlands in Port home and go with almost all clothes orange. At night it will all pros and glasses is a big mess that just reminds me of the St. John Here are some photos of this event, were not taken by me:

Mais fotos aqui

He went to see where he could have some lessons Dutch and arrived to find a class that was about € 50 per week, three hours per day, which I discovered later was that the Board of Apeldoorn has a support service to newly arrived foreign and support is one of the classes without paying for Dutch job search.

You can view the page here.

Who has not found a job or earns below the minimum wage also has a right to financial support that ranges from € 45 to € 450 months, with the condition that there is an active search for work.

Here I am on the third day in my new home and Apeldoorn and I discovered that each have to pay taxes:

1) imposed by having dogs, pay a license of about 80 euros per dog;
2) garbage tax, about € 170 per year. Last year was the highest.
3) Tax sewage, 0.2347% of the value of the house, around € 110 euros in my case;
4) use of the house tax, about 0.1893% of the house, about € 90;

You can check the taxes here

All this I had already spoken in another post, but the sum total of about € 500 per year.

Another thing is I had to get used to the routine separation of garbage, ie, at home I have three containers, one blue for paper, green for all that is organic waste and gray for other things,

There is a calendar of collection per zone. The collection of blue and green container is free, every time you collect the gray pay € 4.38, all to force us to recycle. The plastic containers are placed on oranges are in proximity to supermarkets, bottles as well. There are also two containers in Portugal do not see much, a very large black to a gray textiles and packaging only to tetra-pack.

That is, it well takes a long time to fill the gray and such pay € 4.38.

You can access the page of the collector here.

I am also thinking about starting to go to work or by bus or bicycle. Car is about 15min, 50min by bus and bike about 1 hour.

For those who walk every day worth getting the pass (€ 7.5 for the card), which can be by area or type kilometers performed. This could only know the prices tomorrow. I know you have a discount for those using public transport almost every day.

You can see the link to public transport here.

You can plan your trip on public transport here.

Thanks and see you next time. I thank those who have posted comments, if they have any doubts or questions do not exist in publishing will answer as soon as possible.

I went shopping last Sunday to a supermarket that is known to be one of the most expensive, but it was the only one that was open. In the next blog I will publish a list with prices fairly large in order to compare with Portugal. In this case there should be cheaper, but equivalent to Portugal. I will also try to get an account of other more supermarket account and publish it so that they can verify that here still saves.


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