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Vacations allowance. Financial aid.

Good afternoon,

before you start with some news just like to amend something I said in my first post. In this post I mentioned that the subsidy was not mandatory vacation but I was wrong. In Holland the holiday allowance amounting to 8% of annual salary, or if you have worked a whole year gets a little less than one month’s salary. The vacation work the same way, with a 6-month contract has been entitled to 12 vacation days.

Dutch lessons – Help for newcomers

One of the things I was looking classes were Dutch. The cheapest I found were € 22.5 / week, 1 lesson per week for 3 hours. How am I and my partner would be € 50 / week, which would be quite expensive. After much searching I discovered that the Chamber of Apeldoorn had a program for foreigners that included free Dutch lessons. I just had to send an email to arrange an interview. In the interview we say if we want the classes at night or day, explain to us that lessons last about a year to a maximum of one year and a half, we must be assiduous and make a final exam in reading, writing and oral. We still have a person who connects us once a week to talk with us practicing to go Dutch.


17/08/2011 – Update on the classes:

Classes are for one year and a half, three times a week, three hours a day, attendance is mandatory. In the final examination is carried out and deliver a curriculum. If you give up due to the movement told me that it might not have to pay anything, because if we give no more no less, because many hours are long, we have to pay a fine that does not know the amount. You need to have consistency if you really want to travel and have time to complete. I heard that if tb has to pass the test but pays a bribe to do it again, I hear.


I know this happens in other Chambers so enjoy. For the Chamber of Apeldoorn just go to this link.

Financial aid

There are several financial aid that may apply to the Chambers. In Apeldoorn there are the following:


Social Allowance and unemployment benefits:

In the case of social subsidy is only entitled to the wages of the family is less than € 1800 liquid, more or less. The aid ranges from € 45 to € 450 euros.

Exemption from payment of municipal taxes:

In this case I do not remember what was the link, but I hardly put the same record, I know that to be right No one can have a vehicle worth more than € 2000 and a few euros, liquid ordered set of the family also can not be upper and this value and there can be no savings bank avultadas.

In order to enroll in these financial aid in Apeldoorn you must first obtain a digital ID that can be ordered online at this location:

Any questions do not hesitate to put in the blog that will answer as soon as possible.

Thanks and keep returning.


2 thoughts on “Vacations allowance. Financial aid.

  1. Viva Sergio, estas de parabens pelo teu blog, muito bom !!!!
    Tambem eu sou do Norte, mais propriamente de Braga e tambem eu estou a tentar a vida aqui na Holanda. Ate agora estou a gostar.
    Continua com o bom trabalho….

    Posted by Grace Braga | June 1, 2011, 21:04

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