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Go to the beach

Good morning,

my first trip to the beach was a disappointment, had gone to a river beach and enjoyed the water a little cold but clean.

Recently went to a beach in Zandvoort. It has a large sandy beach but the water was brown, brown, brown water had never seen the sea except perhaps in the Matosinhos beach many years ago. On the beach if we look to the right side one sees a distant factories and I think it will give pollution. Some say it does not usually happen, it was a tide, others say it is the sand is almost black, but to me it honestly expected more pollution and the Dutch in this respect.

Zandvoort is also a well known race track. I leave here these two links to Zandvoort:

Touristic website:

Race circuit:

In the first three photos you can see the vehicles that run along the beach with food. I like more the idea of ​​Portugal, with people selling food on the beach or simply bars close. These vehicles are diesel and noisy. The Dutch do not know what is a beach place for them because this is the best beaches. After the one more thing, if you go by car you have no chance to park without paying. Or you place in some parking lots near the beach which is € 0.50 per day but are always full and you can not place or get paid € 2.2 euros / hour in other locations.

Do not know if you remember, but to live in Apeldoorn lived in Vaassen purposes and there some four-legged friends (horses), it went to visit them and give them to eat with my partner. In this place there is a greater variety of tracks I’ve ever seen. The problem is that we also begin to rise above the legs.

I do regularly as the Apeldoorn market, is always cheaper food and clothing. At this site you can see which sites you can visit in Apeldoorn. Place to visit

In this photo you can see a garden near the market where people come walking their dogs and even bring a towel and catch some sun.

In this photo you can see a typical road in Apeldoorn. The red bands are for bikes which have the same priority. Be careful at roundabouts because they’d run over something and myself being hit when he was on the bike to work.

This is the lower price of fuel around here. Generally walks in 1.32 diesel.

In this picture was already reaching Vaassen. As you can see the difference is huge. Here there’s only field.

In Apeldoorn there is a sports complex which has hosted world championships in multiple sports. I live right near it. For those who like sports can see everything about this room here.


When I arrived at a certain Monday heard a siren it seemed that we would be bombed. I learned afterwards that here in Holland do a simulation of these sirens throughout the Netherlands on the first Monday of each month at 12:00. This siren used to warn people of hazards, whether natural or accidental. Floods, collapse of dams, chemical fires, terrorist attacks, etc..

If the same is heard on a day other than the test should remain indoors with windows and doors, be aware that the information given by the authorities via radio or television on and off the gas. It is important to keep at home candles or flashlights, batteries and batteries for flashlights and radio, some food and water stored for some days, blankets and warm clothes.

Here you can see a video of this test:

Dutch air raid

If you want to test these procedures interactively just go to this site

As you may already know the Netherlands is a relatively small country, which I did not know was that some sites were made by man. If you see the image below, which is marked in red was added by man, or discovered by lowering the water, but no more. These sites were not the only, to the sides of Amsterdam also did the same.

For today is all until next post. If you want something more specific information do not hesitate to put this question here on the blog.


2 thoughts on “Go to the beach

  1. >a quantidade de coisas que descobrimos :)) sem duvida as nossas prais são muito boas principlmente as do NORTE!! 😉

    Posted by Anonymous | May 16, 2011, 11:10
  2. >É verdade, eu que sou do Porto que o diga. Temos óptimas praias. Aqui preocupam-se muito com a separação do lixo e deixam as praias chegar a este ponto. Também foi só a primeira que vi, eles têm uma costa grande, por isso vamos ver pra próxima como vai ser.

    Posted by Sérgio | May 16, 2011, 11:23

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