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Zeeland Portuguese Association

Good morning,

I was contacted by The Honourable Mr. Manuel Amado of the Portuguese Association of Zeeland who requested to publish the following:

“For all that has been said regarding the report made by RTP, a temporary employment business in Zeeland, our Association has this to say:

1 – Anyone who has intentions to come to work for the Netherlands, please first find out about working conditions in this country, and this can be done here on the Net, or by contacting the Embassy of the Netherlands Consulate in Lisbon or any of the same parents in Portugal.

2 – The employment situation in the Netherlands at this time is also difficult, and anyone who offers you high wages, is being dishonest in every way with you.

3 – The Portuguese Association of Zeeland, which currently is in the process of legalization, is available to all persons wishing to do so, to give them the information currently available on the working conditions that they live here, and above all, alert them to the danger of coming to the Netherlands.

4 – Be very careful with the kind of middleman that contact, because many of them estam to take advantage of the situation difficult for Portugal to take crosses give dividends, and deceiving the most fragile and ill-informed.

5 – They can go to our website at in the news tab, there is some information that already provide those working in the Netherlands, who has returned to Portugal and most of all to anyone here come to work.
They may go to / apzeeland, which also provide information and ask friends to be able to talk to us if you wish.
They can also send an email to to request information, we’ll be happy to provide you if you are within our reach.

6 – In the case from coming to the Netherlands, and are deceived, immediately contact the Portuguese Consulate in The Hague, for the immediately know what they can do.
I hope that these points you alert to the dangers from coming to the Netherlands for temporary employment agencies, above all avoid those companies that may have disabores, that might be avoided if they care to inform themselves very well, before moving to these places.

Manuel Amado

Email –

Name – Portuguese Association of Zeeland

site –

In the next post will publish how to bring the car to Holland, change registration without paying tax.

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Zeeland Portuguese Association

  1. procuro emprego para europa encontro-me desempregada ja estive na holanda duas vezes a trabalhar a primeira vez em 1995 e a segunda em 2009 é o pais que mais gosto e adorava conseguir arranjar emprego para la sera que me podem ajudar?

    Posted by Elisabete Pereira | February 21, 2012, 22:14

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