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Higher energy bills and increasing taxes

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All households since past July are paying more for energy . Average the energy costs for households increased by 8 percent.For an average household, this means additional costs 160-170 euros. The reasons for the increase include the rise in gas prices and the austerity measures of the government.

From July also the gas prices went up by about 8-10 percent. This has a number of large energy suppliers announced in July. If you have an energy contract with variable energy rates, you have notice the price going higher of the energy bill. The extra cost its about thirty to sixty euros per year.

In addition, gas prices also have the new austerity plans influence on energy bills. We have the consequences for you to put a row:

  • Increase in the VAT rate from 19 to 21% – From October 2012
    Due to the increase of two percent the average consumption in a household is around 35 euros per year more.
  • Increase energy tax on natural gas.
    It is not yet clear how much the increase will be. A rise quickly leads to additional costs of some bucks a year.
  • Increase coal taxes.
    This increase will lead to additional costs of some bucks a year.

Transitioning from rising energy prices

An energy contract with fixed energy prices is most beneficial if you know that energy prices will rise. You then have certainty about the costs to be paid for the duration of the contract. Switching energy supplier can be an economical choice. In the results list of our energy price comparison you see a provider type of energy contract. Also we clearly whether the rates for the duration of the contract are fixed or variable.

Hope this information is clear, if you plan work in Netherlands, calculate well the costs with taxes. When i arrived i thought i was going to make more money, after a few months i realise that 1/3 of my paycheck is to pay taxes and bills, excluding food.



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