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Supermarket prices

Good afternoon,

as was said I will publish two price lists grocery shopping. One belonging to a more expensive supermarket chain called “Albert Heijn” and another LIDL in our famous that everybody knows.

Before you start first wanted to talk about something else. Since I moved with my partner and three dogs to Apeldoorn, but the house we rented was not furnished, so we would have to have at least to get a table, a bed and a sofa. The good news is that there are places that sell used things, everything from books to computers. They are places of charity, which employ volunteers and everything they have there for sale was given by someone and sales accrue to charity.

We went to one in Vaassen where we bought a 3-seat sofa super comfortable for € 95. This new sofa in good cost € 300. We bought a double bed also with mattress € 110. Very good things, for things already spent more and more air is used linen cabinets from € 50, € 2 candeerios. In Apeldoorn there is another not yet visited. This site is on the Internet and can be seen here. 

Returning to the subject that started here are the prices of supermarket:

Albert Heijn:

Dog chews for large dogs: € 3.20
Dan Active Yogurt liquid 500ml: € 0.88
Supermarket brand dog Pate 400g: € 0.68
Dentastix for large dogs (4 dentastix packages with 7 each): € 9.86
2 liters of milk for the day: € 1.40
1L bottle of oil brand supermarket: € 1.39
Extra virgin olive oil 1 liter brand supermarket: € 4.99
Package of natural juice 2L: € 2.99
Vinegar 500ml bottle of supermarket brand: € 1.11
418 g of canned salmon: € 2.97
Tin of Tuna in water 185g: € 1.45
350g Mayonnaise brand supermarket: € 0.79
892 grams of cheese bar: € 7.09
Mass 500 g tubes (penne): € 0.91
Espargete 500g: € 0.91
Vegetarian food 200g (various types): € 2.89
Pancakes: € 0.89
Ice tea 1L: € 1.19
Doritos: € 0.96
200g pack of Lays potato chips: € 0.98
Pizza media: € 3.5
Bunch of bananas 1.155 Kg: € 2.07
12 toilet paper rolls: € 2.39
Tomatoes 0.665 Kg: € 1.32
Sensodyne Toothpaste 75ml: € 2.07
Nectarines 330g: € 1.31
3 large Garlic: € 0.99
380g of kiwifruit: € 2.98
Kellogg’s Cereals: € 1.99


Baguette of garlic bread: € 0.95
2 salmon burgers: € 3.19
Hake fillets 1kg: € 7.29
2 fillets of salmon: € 2.99
Pizza Margerita: € 2.99
Yogurt liquid 500ml: € 0.95
Sliced ​​cheese 300g: € 0.59
Extra virgin olive oil 750ml: € 2.65
Espargete 500g: € 0.35
Canned mushrooms 280g: € 0.85
1L ice tea: € 0.59
500g packet of peanuts: € 1.55
Cleaner 1L floor: € 1.29

I hope these price lists has given an idea of prices here.


Inflate the tires:

The next day go to work by bike and needed to fill the tires. Well I went with them empty, because each passing pump (automatic pumps without anyone in it) had to give € 0.50 to fill the tires.


Bicycles are that the position is poured to reach the 80 km / h.


Here the two cars come with extras that are required in Portugal is not used. Bring a tool for easily from one to cut glass and feel the security guards. As here there are many rivers and streams there are several cases in which cars fall on them and this helps to quickly exit the car.


2 thoughts on “Supermarket prices

  1. >simplesmente adoro! as coisas espectaculares que são publicadas aqui! adorei as curiosidades sobre os carros e bicicletas para pedalar deitado, o local de coisas usadas e a idéia dos preços! um blogue muito útil para quem quer ir para Holanda ou simplesmente saber como é viver aí. Muito bom mm!

    Posted by joana | May 7, 2011, 18:55
  2. Muito bom mesmo Sérgio! Parabéns, adoro tudo o que leio……:D

    Posted by Natacha Vieira | October 6, 2011, 11:39

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