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30 days to leave Netherlands and go to the UK

Emotional intelligence in the workplace


My stay here in the Netherlands has come to an end. I decided to leave the Netherlands and go to the UK. I cannot say it was really a pleasure to be this 2 years in the Netherlands but that depends on what you are looking for and where did you come from.

This is a very unique culture that in my view has many bads and some goods.

In this post i am going to make a resume how did i get here, my 2 years here, the good and the bad and how did i left to UK.


I arrived here with the prospective of new life, new opportunities for me and my wife, an open minded country and people. Unfortunately things were not quite has i expected  and after 2 years we decided to leave.

Very high taxes will take a big part of your income, the Dutch are very closed and xenophobic, there are off course few exceptions. They will board you to give you lessons how you should behave, they will pursue you and they will try to get in your life. It is not personal is just the way this works.


This is a quote of a local newspaper:


“One out of the ten Dutch is racist. They feel superior towards the foreigners and thinks that the Dutch should not mix with other nationalities. Almost a quarter of the population is extremely negative about foreigners. These came out in a research made by Motivation research bureau with 1,020 Dutch participants. The GPD-magazine published the results last Saturday.” – says

Would i go back in time and not come to the Netherlands, no, it is a very difficult place to live, especially for expats women, but it made me grow personally and professionally.

This is my opinion and advise. If you have a good job offer and you are unemployed, don´t hesitate to come, come light and expect to leave in 2 years, usually expats leave in 2 , 3 years.  Be prepared to make no Dutch friends or meat the neighbors.  There are communities of your Nationality , try to connect with one to try to make friends. If your are a women prepare not to have a job in your area if you have a superior degree. This is very retarded regarding women, women here have low jobs, like services, cleaning , administration or just mothers, and when you are a mother prepare to work only part time, if you do it full time you will be criticized  by strangers. A daughter of a coworker of mine, was at the company making a work for the school trying to find out if what she wanted to be in the future was the correct choice. Usually kids say that they want to be doctors, fire fighters, princesses, etc, but not administrative, she wanted to be an administrative and was very happy to store cases and files. It was really stunning to me.

It is a rouf place to be , away from home, they don´t like outsiders and they will let you know, you will be very bad treated in services and some stores. They are very arrogant and want your attention.

I am from Portugal, and i leaved near the ocean, know i live in the center of the Netherlands and what i missed most was, friends, family , good food, the ocean and privacy.

Be very careful when you see in web sites that the Netherlands is a good place to live, it was financially, but it is shifting they have deficit and are raising taxes. One thing you read is correct is a very good place for the kids, i can see them happy running around and i think the school are goods, but expensive.

In my perspective here is the good and the bad about Netherlands:





  1. I live in a neighborhood that is very peaceful and quiet, even too much;
  2. I have grown a lot professionally and personally , but put your sit belt, it is a very ruff ride;
  3. My dogs love this place because they see a lot of other dogs and have many green places;
  4. Bicycle pads




  1. Food is horrible, cook your own food; ( i am vegetarian)
  2. Taxes are very high;
  3. No privacy, only inside your home, everyone will stare at you outside;
  4. No career opportunity for women with higher ambition than to be a mother;
  5. Dutch people are ruth and will try to get in your life;
  6. High cost transport;
  7. No shopping moles and really great places to visit, after you behing here 6 months everything will look the same.


Resuming, if you have no job, or a bad job, come , grow but have in the back of your mind that you have to leave. If you succeed you will leave the Netherlands bigger and stronger.

Do not let this society get to you and good luck. This is the truth how i lived it.

I will go to UK and i will let know how it is over there.

In my next post i will write what is necessary to do , like services to cancel etc, to leave the Netherlands.

Thanks SC


2 thoughts on “30 days to leave Netherlands and go to the UK

  1. Good luck Sérgio!

    I know what you mean about how hard is to move to The Netherlands, specially outside big centers where you have more expats.

    But I don’t think they are racists.. actually I think they are one of the most pleasant peoples I met, always with a smile.. but also very individually persons.. hard to make friends.. complety true.. the best way is to join a club or association and learn the language!

    I work as a engineer and I have more women colleagues, even in higher positions, that when I was in Portugal.. so I also don’t agreed with your point in relation to women.


    Posted by João Pedro Matos | August 11, 2013, 22:28
    • Dear Joào Matos,

      thank you for your reply. What i have wrote is my experience, my wife’s in this 2,5 years in the Netherlands and what i read in local newspapers and expats opinions (see quote from dutch news website on post). I can always suggest you and the readers to visit this websites and read about all the expats experiences in the Netherlands. The first website is written by expats from all the world and the average of the experience is negative.

      I know some say that Dutch will include you better if you speak their language, but for me that is not acceptable, treat you different only because you do not speak their language and they notice you are foreigner.

      But each case is a case and i am glad to hear that your case is better than mine.

      Letter from the Netherlands
      Netherlands rated most unfriendly country for Expats

      Kind regards,


      Posted by Sérgio (Admin) | August 12, 2013, 20:28

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